2013 / 2014 Winners

After a gruelling battle, the victorious have been chosen.

1st Place

Chengxuan Xing and Adeel Gilani

4th year students in Software Development at GMIT

Annoying Mosquito

Annoying Mosquito Screenshot

A Windows Phone 7 & 8 augmented reality game that encourages the user to move and exercise while playing.

The user looks through their phone display to find a mosquito somewhere around them. They need to find him, and squash him with their finger before they run out of time.

Joint 2nd Place

Razvan Radulescu

PhD in Atmospheric Science, NUI Galway


Rainwatch Screenshot

An Android mobile application which keeps track of the user's location and notifies them of potential rain before it happens.

The user selects the time threshold in which they want to be notified; while weather data is retrieved through a Forecast.io API integration. The project was developed using Titanium, meaning it can be easily ported to other mobile platforms in the future. View a demo video of the app on YouTube.

John Maguire

Electronic and Computer Engineering, 4th Year, NUI Galway


Speech To Text Screenshot

A prototype web application to help students with hearing difficulties get the most out of lectures and speeches.

The application relays a video of the speech, allowing for lip reading and gestures, as well as translating the speech to text in real time using Google's Speech APIs. The Powerpoint slides being used by the speaker are also displayed alongside the video stream.