The Ninja Pledge

  1. You will become an elite coding ninja. You will dream of excellence.
  2. The ninja community will honour the champion ninjas with iPad and cash prizes.
  3. You will train in the art of web and mobile technology. You will learn ninja coding skills.
  4. Ninjas will listen to their Sensei. They will learn great things. Sensei will teach world class execution and attack strategies.

Weapon of Choice

A ninja must select their weapons of choice.

  • Weapon #1: Web Application (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, js etc.)
  • Weapon #2: Mobile application (e.g. iPhone, Android, HTML5 etc.)
  • Technology: Ruby, PHP, C#, .net, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS etc.
  • Sector/type: Gaming, Social, Business, Entertainment, Local, Music, Education, Other etc.


Register your interest! Now!
Introductions Wed (23rd) @ 20:00, New Library, NUIG
Gokui #1: Design / UX Tues (5th Nov) @ 20.00, New Library, NUIG
Gokui #2: Web App 1 Workshop November 12th, 2013
Gokui #3: Web App 2 Workshop November 19th, 2013
Gokui #4: Windows Phone Dev Workshop January 14th, 2014, New Library, NUIG. Register to attend
Submission Deadline Friday January 31st, 2014. Noon
Demo Event and Prize Giving Friday February 7 th, 2014


  • To be announced

Judging Criteria


Is your App functional, and how good is your coding style, modularity, and overall architecture?

Novelty Value

How unique is your App when compared to other Apps?


Can you demonstrate a superior user experience?

Market Potential

Can you build an App that customers will buy?